Summer of Self Love Campaign

Because LOVE Should NOT Hurt

We should all be able to live free from the fear of domestic abuse and violence.

What is the Summer of self love Campaign.

Central’s Summer of self love campaign. This summer we are asking you to join in with our summer of self love challenges and to donate towards activities and support that promote well-being and self care for women and children in our accommodation.  By joining in the challenges you can help raise awareness of our charity and let families know help is available. When women and children come into refuge at a time when they urgently need safety and help to escape abusive and often violent people. Women often access our service at a time when they are feeling anxious and have low self-esteem due to traumatic events and having been coercively controlled in all aspects of their lives. This campaign will provide resources and activities that encourage self-care. If you need support and advice you can get in touch with us.

The summer of Self love will provide a programme of activities! Activities and resources are made available to all women and children who access our services including the domestic abuse recovery courses. Summer of self love sessions including well-being Wednesdays- enjoyable family activities, painting, crafts and pamper sessions. Mindfulness Mondays- facilitated by an qualified therapist running- calm mind and relaxed body sessions. While women are doing sessions children have fun play sessions with a dedicated Children’s support and activity worker.

Join our Summer of self love challenge! We are providing self love tips, daily motivation and challenges to join in with. Journal pages, love letter templates and ideas for daily self love! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily challenges! Thankyou!   

Help open the door to safety this winter

Help protect women and children this winter.

You can protect women and children escaping abuse by contributing to our open door appeal. We accept referrals 24 hours a day and families will be brought to a place of safety within hours of calling us. This winter we are raising funds to expand our services so that more women and children can escape domestic abuse and access safety. 

Our team of specialist domestic abuse workers provide emotional and practical support to the whole family. The children’s support worker ensures that children have activities, pyjamas and toys helping them through the first few days and weeks of arriving and making sure that the room they share with their mum is safe and comfortable with all the essential items and more. Central Women’s Aid support  provides space for recovery and healing following abuse and continues for many months and sometimes even years until the family have resettled in their forever home.

You can donate quickly and easily here and find out more about fundraising for our charity

Other ways to support our charity work.

We run community programmes that are accessible to women aged 16+. During the programmes women are given resources to help them understand their experiences and work towards recovery following being subjected domestic abuse. Spread the word to anyone who might be interested in attending or refer quickly and easily here. 

Follow us on social media to watch a new door open every day throughout the advent period this winter.

If you would like more information then please do get in touch at

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10th Anniversary Annual General Meeting

Taking place on zoom at 6pm on Tuesday the 1st of November.

Come along (virtually) to find out more about our charitable work, the people we support and how we spend the funds that we are granted.

We will have a short presentation about the charity and present our accounts which are also available to view on the charity commission website.

Our Charity Trustees and other stakeholders will be present to share their vision for the future of the charity and the work we do in an ever changing landscape. If you would like to join us please email and we will provide you with the link. Thankyou!!

If you can’t come to the meeting but would like to make a donation or support us in some other way then please do get in touch.

10 years Stronger!

10 Years Stronger!!

10 years of creating safety security and peace. You can help by donating to our 10 Years Stronger Appeal

Central women’s aid opened in the 1970s. In 2011 amidst cuts by government we briefly shut our doors. Charity workers insisted that the refuge should not be closed and managed to reopen in January 2012. Initially we worked as a voluntary group following support from local councillors. It’s been a rollercoaster 10 years securing different funding. We are now recognised as a specialist and partly commissioned service with a small team of part time workers.

Looking to the next 10 years!

This year we are celebrating the last 10 years! Our charity is thriving just like the families we support, we have accommodated  678 women and children over the past 10 years and 100s of others through  community programmes and short term support services.

To celebrate we are launching our fundraising campaign ‘10 years stronger‘!  All money that you donate will help families to escape abusive situations and rebuild lives free from fear. One person staying in refuge said: “I am very happy here for the first time in a long time and I feel safe with my child. I am glad I am not alone, the staff are helping me and my child.”  We want to raise £10,000 from this campaign in order to help more families. We are are particularly focused on helping those who may find it more difficult to access support due to facing other additional barriers or disadvantages.

An amazing and emotional 10 years, with families from over 100 different counties in the UK being supported. We want to continue our work for as long as people are subjected to domestic abuse, you can help us to do this: Donate now to help more families escaping abuse

You can find out more about how to support our charity by getting in touch on email 

Our Training offer!

Central Women’s Aid Training.

Booking now will fund our charitable work with women and children fleeing domestic abuse.

Introduction to the freedom programme for Professionals – 2.5 hours

This half-day session is a chance to experience the exercises and sessions completed in the Freedom programme. We explore how to use the home study book on a one to one basis with the individuals you are supporting. We will give you the tools and knowledge to support your service users around understanding the tactics used to control us within an abusive relationship.

The half day course is facilitated from 9.30am to 12.00pm.

If you want to complete this online or your organisation is based within Nottinghamshire and provides the venue and refreshments we can offer the course with two facilitators for up to 12 people for a set cost and including a copy of the ‘living with the dominator’ book and the home study course for each participant. Additional participants are chargeable. Ask us to provide the venue/refreshments for an additional cost. 

We can also provide bespoke training sessions based on the requirements of your organisation, to discuss these options please do get in touch. All prices start at just £75. 

From time to time we have sessions online and advertise our events via Eventbrite. Please follow us to be kept updated.

For more information or to discuss any of our training sessions then please get in touch.

Call on: 0115 9607943   Click here find more information about the freedom programme along with details of how to refer and a referral form.

Email us at –

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Annual General Meeting

Friends, Colleagues and Supporters

You are invited to Nottingham Central Women’s Aid’s AGM

On Tuesday the 2nd of November 2021 via Zoom 6.15 – 7.30pm

Our AGM is an opportunity to find out more about our charity, who we support and what we have done during 2020 and 2021 to meet our charitable objectives. Please do share this information with your networks and colleagues who may be interested in attending.

Please RSVP to and we will send you the Zoom link to attend.

Order of business on the night:


Appointment of trustees and officers

· Report from management

· Charity finance report

· Voices of our beneficiaries

· Updates from the trustees

· AOB including any questions

For more information email

We look forward to seeing you soon and updating you on our charitable work.