A Toast Worthy Moment

Helping families to rise and recover

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A toast worthy moment! Central Women’s Aid,  are on a roll and we can’t ‘dough’ much better than this, we are delighted to have been selected to receive a Warburtons foundation grant from the Eastwood Warburtons Hub . A Total of £20,000 towards our Chrysalis outreach project which will support our community work over the next 2 years.

The Chrysalis project  extended aims to increase physical safety, improve mental health and well-being and encourage stronger relationships with family for survivors of domestic abuse including women and their children.

We will do this through outreach support and engagement with whole families and not just individual members. As a result families will see improved physical health and wellbeing through being safe and living free from the fear of domestic abuse and violence.

Outreach support means that women will not have to retell their story and thus will avoid re-traumatisation and be able to focus on remaining safe, healing and recovery. Additionally, women who can’t access face to face support will be able to access support online and have the opportunity to begin to understand the patterns of abuse that they have been subjected to and begin to recover from the harm of domestic abuse.

Our Goals

Our goals are to keep women, children and young people safe from  harm and to increase resilience, recovery and coping strategies to rebuild lives following being subjected to domestic abuse and the associated traumatic life experiences.

Women’s aid England annual audit 2023 reports that of all women using domestic abuse services, 41.0% had mental health support needs, which increased to 50.2% of those in refuge. Research from a wide variety of studies suggests connecting with others and self-care as ways to improve mental and physical wellbeing. This project will provide a range of opportunities to create friendships, building peer support groups and networks .

Women and Children will build healthier and more resilient relationships with each other and their extended network as well as learn new skills and be able to recover from the impact of domestic abuse.

This will be achieved through group work and one-to-one sessions delivered by a support worker who will be employed to offer support to women accessing our community services and will complete weekly support sessions, advocate for women and ensure they are aware of their own rights and choices.

The project will launch in September 2024 and we will be hosting a family fun day to celebrate! So get your loafers on and get bready to break bread with us. 

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