Community Groups and Sessions

Free domestic abuse intervention and recovery programmes and ongoing weekly sessions for women in and around Nottingham, including: ‘The Freedom programme’, ‘Own My Life’ and ‘Power of change.’ 

Questioning if your relationship is healthy? Are you made to feel bad or ashamed about yourself? Experiencing love bombing or furthermore maybe you feel like you are being gaslighted but are not sure. Whether you know you have been subjected domestic abuse or want to explore your relationship dynamics in a safe group, you can join one of our programmes.

The freedom programme explores the tactics used to retain power and control by an abusive person when we are in a coercive controlling relationship and helps us to understand what happened.

Own my life explores how women can recover and regain ownership of our lives following abuse including owning our mind, body, choices, relationships, world, and our own feelings.

Power of Change Programme explores our basic rights as women. Why is it so hard to leave? We have sessions on boundaries, coping with grief, fear and guilt and anger, healthy and unhealthy forms of conflict.

All sessions are run by domestic abuse specialists who can offer further support and signposting to help you recover and heal after the trauma of abuse and control.

All women aged 16 + are welcome to attend

  • Sessions are held weekly and attending is free, as well as free childcare spaces being available too.
  • Refreshments are provided, along with biscuits and lots of self-care, what’s more all sessions are friendly and informal.

Booking is easy- by emailing or call us on 0115 9607943.

Leave your name and contact details and someone will get back in touch with you to Book a free place now for the next session.

Referring someone else? We ask that you complete a Community programmes referral form 

Attending the sessions

  • A supportive and non-judgemental space with lots of support and laughter.
  • Sessions are often emotionally challenging, so are run with lots of chocolate and support.
  • You will get a workbook or journal to keep and look through at your own pace.

Some women who attended told us that:

“I understand a lot more and I don’t blame myself”

 “How my ex-partner uses his body language and facial expressions to intimidate me to get what he wants”

Calling: 0115 9607943 to book now! Emailing your name and number to