Emma is Taking the Leap to Freedom

Taking the leap to Freedom

On Saturday the 8th of June Emma will be completing a tandem skydive to raise funds and awareness of Nottingham Central Women’s Aid a small but impactful charity in Nottingham. You can donate quickly and easily through her just giving page JustGiving, https://www.justgiving.com/page/emma-simons-leaptofreedom 

“When women find the courage to leave an abusive relationship, they are taking a leap towards freedom. It is a brave and empowering act that deserves recognition and support. That’s why I am dedicating my skydive to raise awareness about the vital services provided by Central Women’s Aid.” – Emma

Nottingham Central women’s Aid is a small charity offering life saving services to women and children who have been impacted by Domestic or sexual violence. This can include coercive control and other types of psychological and emotional abuse. When women flee an abuser they often have to choose homelessness to survive their abuser. This means coming into a refuge and leaving their home and everything they know behind to start over a new life- to find their freedom. This leap is huge and often a long road to recovery and healing that can include legal battles, emotional and practical help needed and a need for permanent rehousing which can take years. Central women’s Aid offer emotional and practical support through a range of projects and services including emergency accommodation and community group sessions for women to help promote recovery.

National statistics

National Charity Women’s Aid England who oversee the ‘Routes to support’ online directory of Women’s support services, recorded 10,824 women and almost 13,000 children being accommodated in emergency refuge accommodation across England and Wales through 2022 – 2023. These numbers represent those families who made it to safety and support. such as that offered by Nottingham Central Women’s Aid. More information about free community sessions and their other services is available on their website https://centralwomensaid.org/about-us-services/

Year on year, more than 2 women every week are murdered in England and Wales and over 30% of all women worldwide are being subjected to violence and abuse during their lifetime.  Holding abusers accountable is crucial to creating a safe society for all and many women need to flee to safety to start the legal processes that can keep them safe or to start their lives over again and find freedom.

Making a donation

You can donate through JustGiving, https://www.justgiving.com/page/emma-simons-leaptofreedom  you can make a difference in the lives of these courageous women. Your contribution will directly support Central Women’s Aid in their mission to provide safety, resources, and empowerment to survivors of domestic abuse.

Donating is simple, fast, and secure. JustGiving ensures that your personal information is safe and will never be sold or used for unwanted emails. Your donation will be sent directly to the charity, making it the most efficient way to support this cause.

Join me on this incredible journey as we take a leap together – not only into the open sky but also towards a world where every woman can find freedom from abuse.

Together, let’s make a difference!