Summer of Self Love Campaign

Because LOVE Should NOT Hurt

We should all be able to live free from the fear of domestic abuse and violence.

What is the Summer of self love Campaign.

Central’s Summer of self love campaign. This summer we are asking you to join in with our summer of self love challenges and to donate towards activities and support that promote well-being and self care for women and children in our accommodation.  By joining in the challenges you can help raise awareness of our charity and let families know help is available. When women and children come into refuge at a time when they urgently need safety and help to escape abusive and often violent people. Women often access our service at a time when they are feeling anxious and have low self-esteem due to traumatic events and having been coercively controlled in all aspects of their lives. This campaign will provide resources and activities that encourage self-care. If you need support and advice you can get in touch with us.

The summer of Self love will provide a programme of activities! Activities and resources are made available to all women and children who access our services including the domestic abuse recovery courses. Summer of self love sessions including well-being Wednesdays- enjoyable family activities, painting, crafts and pamper sessions. Mindfulness Mondays- facilitated by an qualified therapist running- calm mind and relaxed body sessions. While women are doing sessions children have fun play sessions with a dedicated Children’s support and activity worker.

Join our Summer of self love challenge! We are providing self love tips, daily motivation and challenges to join in with. Journal pages, love letter templates and ideas for daily self love! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily challenges! Thankyou!