Nottingham Central Women’s Aid secure almost £300,000 of National Lottery Funding

We are delighted that announce that Nottingham Central Women’s Aid (NCWA) have been awarded £297,591 of National Lottery funding for the continuation and development of our services.

NCWA was originally founded in the 1970s to support women and children experiencing domestic violence and abuse. We provide temporary accommodation on request for women and children who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence and abuse of a mental, physical, emotional, psychological or financial nature within an intimate or family type relationship or who have been subject to rape or sexual assault or abuse.

The funding for the continuation and development of our services will have a lifelong, positive impact on the lives of all the women and children who access our service. Our aim is to provide them with the support, education and skills to continue moving forward in their lives, overcoming the abuse and violence they have previously endured, becoming well-balanced, happy individuals living Free from Fear. We deliver a person-centred support and advocacy to all service users – in particular to those with complex needs including mental health and substance misuse issues who are often refused access to other refuges and services.

How will Nottingham Central Women’s Aid use this funding?

The funding will help us to provide more intensive support to our residents and potential residents. This includes the roll out and provision of the Freedom Programme which is a domestic violence education and information programme that seeks to make the women participants more aware of how to recognise and avoid a potentially abusive relationship. NCWA will also look to build upon our resettlement
services supporting women to integrate back into the community.

UK evidence is that domestic abuse will affect 1 in 4 women and is still a hugely under reported crime. There is a direct link between women experiencing domestic abuse and homelessness. Of those women who are at risk, many are vulnerable; with mental health problems, drug and alcohol dependencies, all of which make them likely to return to an abusive partner if suitable alternative accommodation is not available. In Nottingham, it is estimated that resources are required to support up to 300 survivors per year.

NCWA is financially independent of the Local Authority and offers a range of services which are not provided by other types of accommodation within the city. Women with drug and alcohol problems, who are escaping domestic violence, can be excluded from other types of refuge accommodation. Furthermore, women with mental health problems are often not accepted by other refuges. To this end, the refuge provides a fundamental service. We are thrilled that the National Lottery will enable us to continue our work.